Destination Wedding – Top Tips: Booking Early

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When planning your Destination Wedding, it might be a great idea to book a last minute wedding and get married abroad in 6 months time, but is this realistic?

Well if you are having a small wedding and can easily chat to your guests and organise it quickly then great, however if you are wanting a bigger group of loved ones around you, you really should plan ahead.  Out of courtesy you need to give your guests the chance to organise time off work and possibly save the money they’ll need to be able to attend your wedding.

You also need to consider the availability in your chosen destination, popular destinations can be booked up 18 months in advance.  There are lots of people currently planning their Wedding in Spain and we are already taking bookings for 2020, so if you are hoping to get married in Spain during 2019 you need to get moving, there are still plenty of stunning venues with availability but you need to get in quick before the venues and suppliers all get booked up.

Giving yourself at least a year to plan your dream wedding not only allows you to secure your perfect venue but also allows you and your guests to benefit from cheaper flight costs and give you more time to plan your perfect day.  But most importantly it gives your loved ones the opportunity to plan ahead and join you, meaning you get to have all of those you love around you on your special day.

Written by Angela Gibson, Destination Wedding Planner – Angela’s Weddings in Spain.  If you wish to plan your dream wedding in Spain, then get in touch with Angela now at:


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Destination Weddings – Will my wedding be uniquely styled just for me?

Weddings in Spain at a poolside banquet.

Many destination wedding planners offer wedding packages where the themes and colours used during the wedding day are pretty much identical from one wedding to the next, they quite often use the same venues, the same suppliers and the same items.   This is because they know this programme works successfully and produces a stunning wedding.  

But what if you don’t want a wedding the same as every other bride who has walked down that wedding aisle before you?

Then it is essential that you find a wedding planner who will design you a wedding to match your own unique colour scheme and wedding theme.   I ask all of my couples about their dream wedding day and ask them to share their Pinterest with me, I then produce every couple design mood boards.  Once they have fallen in love with a theme I work hard to implement this into their wedding day while keeping within their stated budget.  They get to choose the type & colour of flowers and the style of their cake, we can adapt the lighting, table linen, centrepieces and furniture, right down to the colour of the wedding aisle carpet.

So does this mean I miss out on those pre-selected wedding packages?  

This all depends on the service that the wedding planner offers, so find out from your wedding planner what they offer in terms of design and implementation.  I offer this service as part of my packages for every single wedding I manage, I understand how important it is that your wedding day reflects your personalities and style, even if you only have a small budget.

It is my job to design, plan and produce you a wedding that you are proud of and will give you and your guests, joy, not only today but in years to come when you look back at your photos.

Get in touch with Angela at Angela’s Weddings in Spain now, to secure your uniquely styled dream wedding.

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Top 10 Benefits of a Destination Wedding

Married couple on yacht in the blue sea

We all dream of getting married in the sunshine, outdoors and with guaranteed blue sky but what are some of the top reasons todays couples are having destination weddings:

  1. Saving a fortune:  The cost of a wedding in the UK is so expensive compared to the costs of having your wedding in Spain.
  2. Weather:  You just can´t rely on the weather in the UK, even a mid summers day can end up blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain!  Whereas Spain has over 300 days of sunshine a year!
  3. Outdoor venues:  All of the venues in Spain offer fantastic outdoor spaces for your whole day, allowing you to enjoy that warm weather throughout your day.
  4. The Views:  With the vast space, stunning coastline and beautiful mountains, Spain offers the most stunning wedding venues with the most breathtaking views.
  5. Escaping Family Politics:  Running away from family politics? The pressure from family & friends to do is so surprising.   So having your wedding in a venue where they have no control means pure bliss to you.
  6. Stress saving:  In the UK you can spend the weeks before the wedding in panic mode, organising & stressing over the details.  However because you have a wedding planner manage all of the organisation for your destination wedding, you can relax and look forward to your trip and the wedding day, with only your packing to focus on.
  7. Luxury:  If you whisk yourselves off to a stunning resort, you get to benefit from the luxury and relaxation the resort has to offer.
  8. Intimacy:  Many couples can´t stand the thought of making small talk during their wedding day with family members that they haven’t seen for years; you know that only close friends and family will join you at your destination wedding, so you can relax knowing your are spending your special day, just with those you love most.
  9. Unique:  The chances are none of your friends and family will have had their wedding in your destination, so you will be the unique one!
  10. Enjoyment:  Lets face it we all love a holiday in the sun, you relax, have fun and laugh more.  So imagine the joy shared between you, your family and friends when you have all arrived on holiday, relaxing over a glass of Sangria and watching the sunset after a perfect day, with the anticipation of your special day being just around the corner – just bliss!

So stop dreaming about your destination wedding, get in touch with Angela´s Weddings in Spain now to secure your perfect wedding in the sun!


Destination Wedding – Where do I start planning?

Girls looking at the brides engagement ring

So you have decided to get married abroad, but where on earth do you start.  Here are a selection of facts to consider before you start making arrangements:

  • The very first thing to do is to calculate your budget, this is key to you finding a suitable venue in a suitable location.  Spend time together (with parents if they are contributing) and work out a top figure.
  • Work out your preliminary guest list, remember if budget is tight, each guest can cost in excess of €70, so don’t get carried away.  Bear in mind that with a destination wedding it is likely that around 80% of your invited guests will attend.
  • Be realistic about the location, can you and your family/friends get there easily and affordably.  Are you asking guests to travel long-haul where they need to stay for a week or more, or perhaps short-haul where they can fly in for the weekend?  Take into account their work and family commitments and affordability.
  • Talk to your guests first, especially those that you definitely want by your side, gauge their opinions and ensure they will be able to come before making your final decision.  
  • Before you book anywhere make sure you understand the legal requirements of your marriage.
  • You may choose your venue based on when you want to get married, or the other way around. Consider the weather, tourism and facilities of the chosen time of year in the location you want.
  • Priorities:  Jointly make a list of your top 10 priorities for the wedding as this will guide you going forward.
  • Talk together about how you envisage your wedding day going from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed and in what surroundings you imagine this being in.

Now that you have worked out the key facts about your wedding, you are now in a position to find a fully trained and knowledgeable wedding planner in your chosen location.  Many couples find it a big challenge to find local suppliers and venues from another country and it is almost impossible to plan everything so that you don’t have to do anything on your wedding day other than focus on getting ready and enjoying your moment.  A wedding planner will have a portfolio of trustworthy suppliers, bring together everything required for a wedding and have local insider knowledge, they will also be there on the day to ensure everything is coordinated leaving you to relax and have fun without a care in the world.

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Spain, then find out more about me at

Destination Wedding – What do guests wear?

Wedding Breakfast Table beside the outside pool in Spain

Weddings nowadays are full of themes and colour schemes, so extending a dress code to your guests is a great way to ensure your theme runs through every aspect of your wedding day.  It also looks just amazing in your photos!

Now I am not asking your guests to wear fancy dress, just perhaps a certain colours.

I met a couple who wanted a pure white wedding.  The important wedding party members wore cream and the bride wore a soft gold.  They were very specific about the white dress code on the invite, however the guests were a little concerned and tried to resist, but when they arrived on the wedding day everyone could see how amazing the wedding looked and what a fantastic choice it had been.  It really was a day to remember and worth the extra effort!

You might not want to go this far, you could just ask that each guests wears something of a certain colour, be it a tie or shawl, but whatever you want your guests to wear, make sure you are clear about your requirements in the invite and talk to your guests about your expectations.

When planning your destination wedding, it is also important that you consider the weather and the type of clothes people will be comfortable wearing.  No-one will thank you for asking them to wear a Black Tie suit and black cocktail dress to an August wedding here in Spain as they will melt!

So make sure you choose a dress code that people will be comfortable in on the day so they relax and enjoy themselves but also something that they can easily get hold of.

Perhaps if you are having a beach side wedding you could ask people to wear smart shorts with short sleeved shirts for the men and summer dresses for the ladies.  Be specific as you don’t want half of your guests to turn up in a suit and half to look ready for a relaxed wedding.

Whichever way you chose to implement a dress code, ensure that your expectations are clear for your guests and that they have plenty of time to purchase a suitable outfit.  I just love bringing these extra touches into a wedding, and I know at the end of the day you and your guests will be wowed at the completed overall look of your beautiful wedding day.