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As your wedding planner in Costa Blanca in Spain, I will organise and style you a beautiful wedding here in the sun.   I will guide you through all of the options and organise a stunning wedding day just for you, leaving you to relax and enjoy the journey.

We have a range of stunning venues suiting all styles and budgets, including all inclusive hotels, amazing sandy beach ceremonies, and the most luxurious farmhouses with stunning country and mountain views.

Choose from our beautiful wedding packages starting from €1,300, a bespoke wedding, or a private villa wedding, and if you have started the planning yourself we can review your arrangements and attend on the day.

I am Angela and I have proudly achieved a Distinction in First Class Wedding Planning, Design & Management.  Living in Javea in the Northern Costa Blanca, myself and my portfolio of passionate, innovative and trustworthy suppliers are here to give you the wedding day of your dreams.

So if you are dreaming of getting married in Spain, get in touch with Angela now to secure your dream wedding here in the sun.

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Wedding Photographer Costa Blanca Spain

Emerson Bailey Wedding Photographer

Hello there!

I am Emerson. I am a wedding photographer based in the small seaside town of Javea on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

I  like to describe my style as story telling because I love to capture things as they happen to try and show through our images the emotions of the day.  I love natural light and being in Spain means we get a lot of it.  My style is very warm and natural.  I love natural shots so I do my very best to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed so we get shots of you looking and feeling amazing on one of the most important days of your lives.  Sometimes I will give you small amounts of direction to achieve some truly stunning images that you can treasure forever.

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Phone : +34 648851898

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Wedding Celebrant – Costa Blanca

The Ceremony Celebrant

Hi. I’m Stephanie and I live inland from Javea, Calpe, Moraira and Denia. I am a 5 star rated Wedding Celebrant working throughout the Costa Blanca.

I conduct warm, relaxed and creative wedding, vow renewal and commitment ceremonies that reflect your beliefs, personality and lifestyle. And I always like to make you feel at ease and include a bit of humour.

I pride myself on my personalised and unique services. My aim is to make sure that every ceremony I create and conduct is very special, unforgettable and extraordinary.

Have a look at some of the testimonials from couples who I have conducted ceremonies for:

“Steph made our wedding ceremony amazing! The excellent preparation beforehand was so professional and meant that our whole ceremony was personalised to us as a couple. Even though we are based in the UK, we had a meeting and two Skype calls with Steph where she explained everything clearly and helped us decide what to include in the ceremony. We are so grateful for all her help and are so pleased that she was our celebrant. She made our day even more special. Thank you so much Steph.”

Steve & Amanda from Sittingbourne, UK


“Stephanie is absolutely brilliant, she personalises your ceremony down to every detail, we would highly recommend her to anyone! Thank you for a wonderful day! x”

Nicki & Matt from Albir, Costa Blanca


Here is how to find out more….

1. Have a look at my website

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2. Then book a free Consultation via video call by emailing me at

3. Or please give me a call on 634328554 (Spain) or 07957915000 (UK)

Do I need a Wedding Planner?

Wedding Planner Costa Blanca

Weddings in Spain: Do I need a Wedding Planner?

What is a wedding planner?  What do they do?  Why do I need one?  These are some of the most common questions when considering using a wedding planner.  So this group of blogs gives you the top reasons as to why you should hire one.  

So do you need a Wedding Planner when planning your destination wedding?  I am not going to tell you that you do, this of course is your decision, but here are some points for you to consider:

  • Some experts believe that it takes a couple 15 hours a week to plan a wedding, that´s like a part time job!  Do you have enough free time to do this?
  • Can you visit the venue in person before making the booking?  If not will you receive an honest opinion of how the venue looks, the layout and how it would suit your requirements, from the venue staff?
  • How will you find all of the suppliers that you need?  Some weddings need in excess of 15 suppliers to come together on the big day!
  • Who is going to deal with all of your questions, worries and concerns, what will you do when something doesn’t go to plan and there is no one to take advice from?
  • On the morning of your wedding who will set up your wedding aisle, make sure the tables are laid correctly and deal with any issues that arise – and don’t say your Mum or your best friend because they will be with you getting ready!
  • Your venue has a wedding coordinator, surely thats enough?  In most cases employed venue coordinators interest lays only with the venue and they are restricted to making sure their staff are doing what they are supposed to and the venue is ready for your use. 
  • Do you have any idea how to distribute your wedding budget, when you don’t know how much anything costs?  A good planner will be able to take your budget and allocate the right amount to each part and be able to make adjustments to make your priorities affordable.
  • You have spent months going through Pinterest and have tons of ideas of what you want, but how to do focus all of these images and bring them together into one beautiful wedding day.
  • How are you going to deal with the stress and pressure of figuring out what you are supposed to be doing, making all of these decisions, spending lots of your free time dedicated to everything wedding, and spending this huge amount of money, all in the hope that everything will be alright on the day?  Many brides find that their partners are busy with work and the responsibility is left greatly to the bride, this is often when Bridezilla appears – in the last few months when it all gets too much for one person to deal with.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime moment, and you should be there to enjoy it without interruption, you should be guided along on the crest of a wave, with time to spare a peaceful and intimate moment with your new spouse, to be able to take it all in; not running around in your dressing gown, with your hair half done, laying out the seating name tags and talking to the florist about where the flowers are going.

So talk properly with your partner and work out what is best for you, some wedding planners will provide you with partial support, so you can do some of the work but have the support and guidance that you need.

If you want to talk about how I can support you and help you to plan your perfect wedding day, then get in touch with me now to find out more!


Destination Weddings: What does a Wedding Planner Do?

What is a wedding planner?  What do they do?  Why do I need one?  These are some of the most common questions when considering using a wedding planner.  So this group of blogs gives you the top reasons as to why you should hire one.

A wedding planner´s purpose is to plan and design your wedding day, taking over the management of all suppliers and venues, bringing the design & themes together, and organising every part that makes a wedding.  

Many wedding planners have set wedding packages and offer very little flexibility in the design and theme of your wedding, so you might find that each wedding they do is pretty much the same as the last one.  However I personally love to make every wedding as unique and individual as my couple. 

Initially I listen to my couples dreams and aspirations for their big day and I find them a venue that suits their style and budget.  I negotiate with the venue and secure them a price that includes a suitable food and drinks package.  

Once the venue is secured I then produce a Schedule of Planning (a big to do list) which I will work through over the years and months right up until the wedding day.  I will guide my couple through all of the supplier options (such as photographers, florists, musicians etc), then negotiate and organise them.  I also manage the budget and payments plan.  I am on hand to provide advice and guidance throughout, and I do most of the wedding admin – the average wedding can take up to 250 hours to plan and most of this work is done by me.   

We will talk about the wedding style, design and colour theme and I will implement these into the day through all of the decor and little personal touches.

When we get close to the wedding day I produce a Timeline of the Day so that everyone knows what they are doing and when on the wedding day, I despatch this to all venues and suppliers so that everyone is informed of their duties.

On the day I attend the wedding venue early on to ensure everything is set up correctly and the day goes according to plan, I deal with any issues that might arrive ensuring the couple are left uninterrupted so they can relax and enjoy their day without a care in the world.  I usually leave the wedding after the first dance, pleased that I have made another couple very happy!

So now you know – a Wedding Planner isn’t just someone who offers you their usual venue and a suppliers for a price and “job done” – there is a lot more work that goes into planning a beautiful and memorable wedding day, they put their heart and sole into producing you the most perfect day, in the most perfect setting giving you the most perfect memories!

Pop back soon to find out if you need a Wedding Planner.

Written by Angela Gibson, from Angela´s Weddings in Spain:

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