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If you are looking for information, advice and tips on how to plan your wedding in Spain, then visit our Blog Page, our Blogs are written by Angela Gibson from Angela´s Weddings in Spain, who deals with British couples and designing their dream destination weddings here in Spain.

Here at Angela´s Weddings in Spain we just love to share our knowledge, give tips and guidance and generally help couples with their planning.  Our aim is to make it much easier for couples who are in another country, and getting married here in Spain, as we know that this can be a daunting experience.  We hope that we can make your planning journey that bit more enjoyable.  After all planning your dream wedding, should be a dream come true!

With lots of advice, ideas and guidance, organising your perfect Spanish wedding has never been so easy!  So click into our planning, info, advice & tips page now to start your planning journey!