Destination Weddings – Will my wedding be uniquely styled just for me?

Weddings in Spain at a poolside banquet.

Many destination wedding planners offer wedding packages where the themes and colours used during the wedding day are pretty much identical from one wedding to the next, they quite often use the same venues, the same suppliers and the same items.   This is because they know this programme works successfully and produces a stunning wedding.  

But what if you don’t want a wedding the same as every other bride who has walked down that wedding aisle before you?

Then it is essential that you find a wedding planner who will design you a wedding to match your own unique colour scheme and wedding theme.   I ask all of my couples about their dream wedding day and ask them to share their Pinterest with me, I then produce every couple design mood boards.  Once they have fallen in love with a theme I work hard to implement this into their wedding day while keeping within their stated budget.  They get to choose the type & colour of flowers and the style of their cake, we can adapt the lighting, table linen, centrepieces and furniture, right down to the colour of the wedding aisle carpet.

So does this mean I miss out on those pre-selected wedding packages?  

This all depends on the service that the wedding planner offers, so find out from your wedding planner what they offer in terms of design and implementation.  I offer this service as part of my packages for every single wedding I manage, I understand how important it is that your wedding day reflects your personalities and style, even if you only have a small budget.

It is my job to design, plan and produce you a wedding that you are proud of and will give you and your guests, joy, not only today but in years to come when you look back at your photos.

Get in touch with Angela at Angela’s Weddings in Spain now, to secure your uniquely styled dream wedding.

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