Top 10 Benefits of a Destination Wedding

Married couple on yacht in the blue sea

We all dream of getting married in the sunshine, outdoors and with guaranteed blue sky but what are some of the top reasons todays couples are having destination weddings:

  1. Saving a fortune:  The cost of a wedding in the UK is so expensive compared to the costs of having your wedding in Spain.
  2. Weather:  You just can´t rely on the weather in the UK, even a mid summers day can end up blowing a gale and chucking it down with rain!  Whereas Spain has over 300 days of sunshine a year!
  3. Outdoor venues:  All of the venues in Spain offer fantastic outdoor spaces for your whole day, allowing you to enjoy that warm weather throughout your day.
  4. The Views:  With the vast space, stunning coastline and beautiful mountains, Spain offers the most stunning wedding venues with the most breathtaking views.
  5. Escaping Family Politics:  Running away from family politics? The pressure from family & friends to do is so surprising.   So having your wedding in a venue where they have no control means pure bliss to you.
  6. Stress saving:  In the UK you can spend the weeks before the wedding in panic mode, organising & stressing over the details.  However because you have a wedding planner manage all of the organisation for your destination wedding, you can relax and look forward to your trip and the wedding day, with only your packing to focus on.
  7. Luxury:  If you whisk yourselves off to a stunning resort, you get to benefit from the luxury and relaxation the resort has to offer.
  8. Intimacy:  Many couples can´t stand the thought of making small talk during their wedding day with family members that they haven’t seen for years; you know that only close friends and family will join you at your destination wedding, so you can relax knowing your are spending your special day, just with those you love most.
  9. Unique:  The chances are none of your friends and family will have had their wedding in your destination, so you will be the unique one!
  10. Enjoyment:  Lets face it we all love a holiday in the sun, you relax, have fun and laugh more.  So imagine the joy shared between you, your family and friends when you have all arrived on holiday, relaxing over a glass of Sangria and watching the sunset after a perfect day, with the anticipation of your special day being just around the corner – just bliss!

So stop dreaming about your destination wedding, get in touch with Angela´s Weddings in Spain now to secure your perfect wedding in the sun!


Published by Angela Gibson Wedding Planner

I am a fully qualified wedding planner helping couples to plan their dream wedding.

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