Destination Wedding – What do guests wear?

Wedding Breakfast Table beside the outside pool in Spain

Weddings nowadays are full of themes and colour schemes, so extending a dress code to your guests is a great way to ensure your theme runs through every aspect of your wedding day.  It also looks just amazing in your photos!

Now I am not asking your guests to wear fancy dress, just perhaps a certain colours.

I met a couple who wanted a pure white wedding.  The important wedding party members wore cream and the bride wore a soft gold.  They were very specific about the white dress code on the invite, however the guests were a little concerned and tried to resist, but when they arrived on the wedding day everyone could see how amazing the wedding looked and what a fantastic choice it had been.  It really was a day to remember and worth the extra effort!

You might not want to go this far, you could just ask that each guests wears something of a certain colour, be it a tie or shawl, but whatever you want your guests to wear, make sure you are clear about your requirements in the invite and talk to your guests about your expectations.

When planning your destination wedding, it is also important that you consider the weather and the type of clothes people will be comfortable wearing.  No-one will thank you for asking them to wear a Black Tie suit and black cocktail dress to an August wedding here in Spain as they will melt!

So make sure you choose a dress code that people will be comfortable in on the day so they relax and enjoy themselves but also something that they can easily get hold of.

Perhaps if you are having a beach side wedding you could ask people to wear smart shorts with short sleeved shirts for the men and summer dresses for the ladies.  Be specific as you don’t want half of your guests to turn up in a suit and half to look ready for a relaxed wedding.

Whichever way you chose to implement a dress code, ensure that your expectations are clear for your guests and that they have plenty of time to purchase a suitable outfit.  I just love bringing these extra touches into a wedding, and I know at the end of the day you and your guests will be wowed at the completed overall look of your beautiful wedding day.

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