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Budget is always the big issue when planning a wedding in any country, but it is the most important thing to work out before you start venue hunting.  I get enquiries all the time from couples who say “how much is a wedding in Spain”.  My answer is always the same, “the price is based on guest numbers, venue style and time of year.  I have some pre-designed packages which give couples an idea if a wedding here is affordable to them, and this is a great way for them to start thinking about their options.

However before you start looking at venues and getting excited over the “dream venue”, it is really important to work out what your budget is.  I have spent so much time with couples who say they have no idea about their budget, so I give them some packages based on their dream venue which they then fall in love with, only to realise that it is completely unaffordable to them.  This is a really unsettling way to start planning your wedding and leaves the couple disheartened.

Spend some time together and talk realistically and seriously about how much you can afford to spend, consider about how many guests you want to invite and of those who is likely to come with you, write down the style of your dream venue, when you want to get married and how you envisage your day going.  

I also ask couples to give me their top 10 priority list which is a list of the ten most important things for their wedding day, this helps me to build up a vision of my couples perfect day and see what is non negotiable for them.

Once you have done this you are then in a really good position to start looking at venues, present these facts to your wedding planner and they will be able to tell you right away if your budget is realistic for the wedding you are dreaming of.  This will make the venue hunting process so much easier and more fun!

An informed wedding planner will now be able to put together a few beautiful wedding packages, that fit your personal requirements, in a stunning dream venues that most importantly are affordable to you.

These packages include all of the costs involved in your wedding so you know there
won´t be any surprises later down the planning line!

There you are –  budgeting for your destination wedding is as easy as that and you thought this was going to be the tough part!!!

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