Benefits of a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Couple on the beach having a pre wedding photo shoot

The traditional engagement photo shoot has changed over the years and is now classed as a pre-wedding photo shoot – it’s no longer is related to becoming engaged, it’s part of the wedding prep.

Years ago the photos would be incredibly posed, now they are done in a relaxed environment at a venue of your choice, designed to show off the couples personality and emotion in the run up to the big day.

You may be thinking that with the cost of the photographer I can’t really afford a pre-wedding photo shoot as well, but I would recommend that you have one. It gives you and the photographer the opportunity to get to know each other and enables you to relax and feel calm in front of the camera so that on your big day you are ready and relaxed for a photo sesh. Choose a venue that you feel will highlight your personalities or have it at your wedding venue to give the photographer the opportunity to become familiar with the venue and the best places and angles to shoot, it’s also a great chance to walk around together and get a feel for the agenda of the day.

A photo shoot is great fun; you can have fun in front of the camera and enjoy looking at the images after. A great idea is to have one of the best photos blown up and mounted with a white border, all of your guests can sign the white border and afterwards it can be framed – a great replacement for the traditional guest book.

So while a pre-wedding shoot may seem like a waste of money, think again, it’s a really important part of the preparations to make the day and the memories it will make, perfect!

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